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Advantages and Applications of Lifepo4 Battery

Advantages and Applications of Lifepo4 Battery

With the rise of mobile power industry, the competition between a large number of manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce. As a kind of lithium battery, lifepo4 is mainly used in power system, highway, data center, dispatch command center, small and medium-sized enterprise computer room and so on. For example, electric vehicles, military aerospace, rail transit, power tools, lithium UPS and high-speed ETC are suitable for use in multi-system fields because of their excellent structural stability, safety performance and long service life.

At the same time, research and development of lithium iron phosphate batteries are being carried out all over the world. It is also the target of research and development of lifepo4 battery manufacturers China. Compared with lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have at least seven advantages: high output voltage, higher safety, longer service life, low cost of raw materials, support for rapid charging, wide operating temperature range and environmental protection.

Dongjin lithium power supply uses lifepo4 battery, which has the characteristics of small space, light weight, green link, environmental protection, fast charging, visualization of standby time, intelligent centralized monitoring, long service life and low operating cost. It can customize various specifications individually to meet the needs of customers in various application scenarios.