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Advantages and Applications of OPZS Battery

Advantages and Applications of OPZS Battery

Opzs battery achieves a maintenance-free effect by adding a sealing liquid layer to the liquid surface of the electrolyte in the battery case, with a corresponding liquid filling plug or explosion-proof hydrogen elimination cap.


A device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called a chemical battery, generally called a battery for short. After discharge, it can regenerate the internal active substance by charging it for storing electrical energy to chemical energy; When it needs to be discharged, again the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. This type of battery is called an accumulator, also known as a secondary battery.


Features and Advantages


• Consistent quality and high reliability

• Sealing structure

• Environmental protection

• Maintenance-free operation

• Low-pressure exhaust system

• low emission

• UL certification


Main applications

• Telecommunications

• Energy storage, such as solar and wind systems

• Power applications

• Railway and mining markets

• Nuclear power plants

• Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

• Other floating and cycling applications


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