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Advantages and Performance of Deep Cycle Batteries

Advantages and Performance of Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep-cycle battery, its English name is Deep-Cycle Battery. This kind of battery can discharge deeply many times. In other words, deep-cycle batteries can drop to very low capacity levels when discharged. Generally more than 90% of its rated capacity. However, such a thorough discharge will not damage the performance of such batteries, which is an important feature of deep cycle batteries. Because of its unique advantages, deep cycle battery manufacturers China, has intensified its research and development.

Lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries are the most common deep cycle batteries. Among them, the market coverage of lead-acid batteries is wider. Deep cycle batteries can usually complete hundreds of full discharge and recharge cycles. For comparison, automotive batteries are generally shallow-cycle batteries. The battery provides a high current to start the engine when the car starts. After the car starts up, the battery will be charged. Therefore, when automobile batteries are discharged, they will not be reduced to less than 20% of their rated capacity.

In addition, deep cycle batteries have two important performance indicators: one is the discharge depth, the other is the number of repeated charges and discharges. Depth of discharge (DOD) describes the state of discharge that a battery can achieve. The number of repeated charges and discharges describes the number of effective cycles in which the battery can be recharged and discharged.