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What Do You Know About the Advantages of Solar Storage Battery?

What Do You Know About the Advantages of Solar Storage Battery?

Solar storage battery should have the following characteristics

1. It has good deep circulation ability and excellent overcharge and over discharge ability.

2. Long life, special process design and long life battery guaranteed by colloidal electrolyte.

3. It can be applied to different environmental requirements, such as batteries that can be used normally under different conditions such as high altitude, high temperature and low temperature.

Working principle of solar storage battery

During the day, the sunlight shines on the solar module, which produces a certain range of DC voltage for the solar cell module, converts the light energy into electrical energy, and then transmits it to the intelligent controller. After the overcharge protection of the intelligent controller, the electrical energy from the solar module is transmitted to the battery for storage. Storage requires a battery, which is a kind of electrochemical equipment for storing chemical energy and discharging electric energy when necessary.

Use and maintenance of solar storage battery

(1) suitable working temperature is 15 ~ 20 ℃

(2) the connection method of solar storage battery is: connect the positive pole and positive pole of solar storage battery, and connect the negative pole and negative pole. The power of the solar storage battery will double, and the voltage is the same as that of a solar storage battery. The two poles of the solar storage battery must not be short circuited.

(3) for the solar storage battery that is charged for the first time after new installation or renovation, it shall be charged for a long time. It is the initial charge and shall be charged according to the current of 1 / 10 of the rated capacity. Before installation, it is necessary to measure whether the battery is sufficient. If the power is insufficient, please charge the battery in a sunny place for more than 8-16 hours or use alternating current to fully charge the battery first. Over discharge charging shall be strictly avoided. When charging normally with alternating current, it is better to adopt the graded charging mode, that is, at the initial stage of charging, equalizing the charge with a large current, and changing to the conventional constant voltage floating charge mode after charging to the equalizing voltage and constant voltage for a certain period of time.

(4) keep the battery clean. The installed solar storage battery pole shall be coated with vaseline to prevent corrosion of the pole.

(5) configure the on-line monitoring management technology for the solar storage battery to measure and analyze the internal resistance of the solar storage battery on-line. Discover the defects of the battery in time and maintain it in time.

(6) prevent the solar storage battery from freezing and cracking in winter, and avoid direct sunlight in summer. Put the solar storage battery in a ventilated and cold place.

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