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Battery Buying Tips for Electric Cars Are Here!

Battery Buying Tips for Electric Cars Are Here!

The life of bicycle batteries is usually 2-3 years, while most users of electric vehicles use them for less than one year. There are two main reasons for this: one is the failure to purchase regular brand batteries; the other is the failure to pay attention to battery maintenance in use. Today I'll give you some tips for buying e bike battery.

I. Look at the appearance. The appearance of electric bicycle batteries is a good reference for judging whether they are good or bad when purchasing, which can avoid the situation of sub-charge and non-national standard batteries. What details should we pay attention to?

1. Look at the battery label. Battery label is affixed to the seal of battery cover plate and battery shell to see if it is opened, damaged, and altered. Do not buy if the above phenomenon occurs. Also pay attention to whether there are anti-counterfeiting authentication codes. Authenticity must be verified. 2. Look at the battery case. There will be no scratches, deformations, cracks, leaks and other phenomena in the battery shell of the new electric vehicle. See if the shell specifies the production address, production license number, specifications, and production date. 3. Look at the battery capacity. The nominal capacity of bicycle batteries is related to the range of electric bicycles and the price of batteries. The smaller the nominal capacity, the lower the battery price, and the shorter the range of the electric vehicle. We must choose the batteries matching the electric vehicle, and do not arbitrarily change the standard of the electric vehicle.

II. Weighing. Electric bicycle batteries can be divided into national standard batteries and non-standard batteries. The weight and price of non-standard batteries are quite different from those of national standard batteries.

III. After sale. Finally, before deciding on the purchase, we must ask the merchant about the after-sales service of batteries and ask for a receipt to ensure their legitimate rights and interests.

When you buy e bike battery, we must pay attention to the above details. We recommend to choose Dongjin batteries. It is a famous brand trustworthy.