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Battery of Dongjin: Building the Great Wall of Iron and Steel by Enterprise Strength

Battery of Dongjin: Building the Great Wall of Iron and Steel by Enterprise Strength

Twenty-four years have passed. Time flies, day and night changes. No matter how the situation changes, the concept of "benefiting the people with the best batteries, touching clients with the best service" remains unchanged. Only battery of dongjin group can do this.

Looking at the history of the battery industry, you will find only powerful enterprises remain in dozens of brands in in a new round of reshuffle. Dongjin Group, the veteran batteries in this field shows its outstanding quality strength every time. In 2012, dongjin group invested 500 million yuan in establishing Jiangxi Dongjin New Energy Co., Ltd. in Ji'an, Jiangxi Province. It played a leading role in both brand influence and productivity improvement. In addition to focusing on building domestic sales channels, we should formulate a differentiation strategy, focus on the global market, and lay out the international market. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Israel, Afghanistan, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East and South Africa. Among them, "Dongjin" and "Jinfeng" brands have become the leading brands in the local market. Compared with the same type of batteries, they occupy an absolute market share.

Under the new situation, new changes and adjustments have taken place in the battery energy industry. Dongjin Group, which is well versed in this theory, has been adapting to the trend of development, constantly adjusting its own structure and formulating a two-step marketing strategy: In the domestic market, we should set up professional R&D, production and sales teams, introduce modern equipment, increase control over product quality and technology R&D, and stabilize the domestic market with the advantages of quality and service.

The international market is based on the changes of the global new energy environment and the objective environment of oversupply in the domestic market. Top leaders of Dongjin Group decided to continue to invest more and build the largest battery production base in Bangladesh in December. At that time, the group's daily capacity of nearly 30,000 batteries can be completely digested by foreign trade orders. Domestic and foreign markets are combined to complement each other. It plays back into the attack and defend the action. This makes Dongjin present a unique brand image.

According to the senior management of the group, on the basis of its original strength, Dongjin Group will set up a brand new team, marketing model, product system and nanny-style service system at the end of 2016 to return to the domestic and foreign markets and re-establish the brand value of the enterprise. With the new situation, new environment and new changes, battery of Dongjin group is showing its strong vitality.