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Characteristics of Motorcycle Battery

Characteristics of Motorcycle Battery

In general, for mf motorcycle batteries, lead-acid opzs are produced by the equipment manufacturer using the original equipment.

Whereas the mf motorcycle battery meets or even exceeds the original specs in terms of starting and capacity. The high performance fiberglass partition can effectively control the vibration loss and the minimum resistance inside the bus when using the maximum power. It can be used to detect the level of electrolyte in the battery by quickly removing the safety valve and lifting the battery cover.

Product Features

1. High volume

2. Long Cycle life

3. High CCA, good starting performance

4. Excellent charge acceptance and vibration resistance

5. High quality compound glass fibre diaphragm application

6. TTP technology application

7. Advanced anti sulfation technology

8. Advanced low antimony alloy technology, less maintenance design

9. Reliable vent plug seal design

10. Dry charge design, long storage life, instant use

11. Complete models, elegant appearance, high standard design

12. High technology

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