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High Temperature Battery

High Temperature Battery

High Temperature Battery
Dongjin high temperature AGM battery are very popular & highly recognized by our customers, because of more stable performances under high temperature environment compared with normal lead acid battery, they are specially designed for longer life & with wider operating temperature.

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The Advantages of Dongjin High Temperature Batteries

  • Wider operation temperature, from -15°C to 60°C, suitable for the high temperature environment for certain special market.
  • Nano gel electrolyte with exceptional deep discharge recovery and prolong cycle life.
  • 30% decreased flat current lead to excellent high temperature resistance
  • Thick flat plate with high tin low calcium alloy
  • low self-discharge rate and long shelf life

The Features of High Temperature Battery

  • Positive plates: Flat pasted plate with lead-calcium-tin grid alloy;
  • Negative plates: Flat pasted plate with lead-calcium grid alloy;
  • Separators: Micro-porous AGM separator;
  • Container: High-strength ABS
  • Electrolyte: Absorbed sulfuric acid;
  • Terminal posts: High-conductivity terminals
  • Post sealing: Double sealing structure;
  • Vents: High-efficiency low-pressure venting system.

The Application of High Temperature Battery

  • UPS units
  • Emergency power
  • Alarms, Fire & Security Systems
  • Medical
  • General Electronics & Control Equipment
  • Communications Equipment

The curves of high temperature battery

The curves of high temperature battery