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Green Reform of Battery Industry

Green Reform of Battery Industry

Lead storage battery is the main source of lead pollution. Recently, the trend and innovative development of battery environmental protection industry is imminent. The major storage battery suppliers should pay attention to it.

As one of the earliest and most widely used battery varieties, lead-acid batteries have the advantages of high safety, low manufacturing cost and high renewable utilization rate. They play a vital role in many fields such as transportation, power, communications, aviation, military and so on. However, the enterprises of recycled lead industry in China are small in scale, large in quantity and simple in equipment. The industry is large in scale, high in energy consumption and heavy in pollution. Especially if waste batteries are not handled properly, they not only waste resources, but also pollute the environment, even endanger people's health.

At present, the development situation of battery industry is still grim, especially in the process of production and regeneration, there are some problems, such as inadequate management and lax protection measures, which are very easy to cause environmental pollution. Therefore, storage battery suppliers must take effective measures to strictly manage and minimize pollution and resource consumption in order to achieve sustainable economic and environmental development.

The first is to promote the ecological design of battery products; the second is to promote the clean production of battery industry; the third is to promote the construction of waste battery recycling system; the fourth is to enhance the level of waste battery resources, strengthen technology research and development and promotion. To further promote the design, production, use, recycling and reuse of the battery industry, the green innovation transformation of the whole life cycle and the green development of the battery industry need the joint efforts of all sectors of society.