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How to Use the Battery Correctly and Extend Its Service Life

How to Use the Battery Correctly and Extend Its Service Life

Experienced users know that the battery consumption is the largest consumption of E-bike, so users are very concerned about extending the battery life. What are the skills of battery maintenance for electric vehicles?

Reasonable use of electric vehicles can effectively save electricity. At present, most of the e bike batteries are lead-acid batteries. The main precautions are as follows:

1. Many people don't pay attention to the manual before riding the electric vehicle, but some details and precautions in the manual are the key to extend the service life of the electric vehicle battery.

2. The battery should be charged in time after use. It should not be placed for a long time without power, or the battery plate will be sulfated. The concept of recharging after completely discharging the power is incorrect. The greater the depth of discharge, the shorter the service life of the battery. Once the battery is used up, it cannot be used again. Many users have encountered such a situation, the battery forgot to charge, and as a result, the battery was completely dead in the process of use, so they will take the method of slowly returning the battery on the way. This has a great impact on the battery life.

3. It is better to ride at a moderate speed or keep a constant speed when cycling. If you need to slow down the road section, you should slow down and slide ahead of time, and try to use less brakes. If there is an emergency or the road condition is good, don't always turn it to the end.

4. Don't turn to the end when riding. Turn the handle to the end, the speed is fast, but the motor also runs at full load, so the power consumption is fast. Usually pay more attention to the power situation, try not to use fast charging. Fast charging, strong voltage and high current cause great damage to the battery!

5.If the battery is found to be particularly hot during charging, please go for maintenance as soon as possible.

Maintenance of electric bike battery:

(1) the battery shall be firmly installed on the electric bicycle to prevent the battery from being damaged by vibration during riding.

(2) the dust and dirt on the battery box shall be removed frequently, and the battery shall be kept dry and clean to prevent the battery from discharging by itself.

(3) keep the battery away from high temperature heat source. In high temperature season, it is strictly prohibited to directly expose to the sun (pay special attention to storage in summer). Pay attention to good ventilation when charging.

(4) when the electric bicycle is just started, it should be started with the help of foot pedal to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive discharge current; when riding, it should be noted that the battery should not be over discharged, which is easy to cause serious battery power loss, so as to greatly shorten its service life.

(5) the load of electric bicycle is too large, which will inevitably lead to the increase of motor current. This causes over discharge and early decay of the battery, which seriously affects the battery life.

The batteries of electric vehicles are the most important. But many people are not interested in it, and will complain that the battery of their electric car is not easy to use. The main reason is that improper maintenance skills lead to premature battery loss, and choosing a good battery is even more important.

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