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How to Use the Battery of E Bike Battery Correctly?

How to Use the Battery of E Bike Battery Correctly?

Experienced users all know that battery consumption is the biggest consumption of electric bicycles, so users are very concerned about extending battery life. Of course, bike battery manufacturers have also done targeted research. So what are the skills of battery maintenance for electric vehicles?

Reasonable use of electric vehicles can effectively save electricity. At present, most of the electric bicycle batteries are lead-acid batteries. The main points for attention are as follows:

1. Read more instructions before riding an electric bicycle. Many people don't care about it, but some details and precautions in the instructions are the key to prolong the service life of the battery of an electric bicycle.

2. Charge in time after use. It can not be placed for a long time without electricity, otherwise the battery plate will be sulfated; the idea of recharging after completely discharging electricity is incorrect, the greater the discharge depth, the shorter the service life of the battery; once the battery is used up, it can not continue to use. Many users have encountered such a situation-forgot to charge the battery, the result of the use of the process completely out of power. So on the way, we will take the method of slowly returning power and reusing them. It's better not to use this method often, because it has a great impact on battery life.

3. It is better to ride at medium or uniform speed for power-saving citizens. If there is a need for deceleration, speed down and taxi ahead of time. Use brakes as little as possible. If there is an emergency or the road is in good condition, don't ride through it all the time.

4.Don't turn to the bottom when you ride. Turn to the bottom, the speed is fast, but the motor also runs at full load, forming a fast consumption point! Usually pay more attention to the electricity situation. Less use of fast charging equipment on the street. Fast charging with high voltage and high current has great damage to the battery.

5. If the battery is very hot during charging, don't charge it again! Get it repaired quickly.