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Intelligent Management Battery Backupups

Intelligent Management Battery Backupups

UPS battery backupUps is mainly to prevent power failure of digital products during long-term use. It is a battery backupUps. It is different from the general battery backupUps,which uses four standard AA alkaline batteries. It needs to be shut down for replacement. UPS battery backupUps should belong to mobile power supply in a broad sense. Generally, 18650 lithium-ion batteries or lithium-polymer batteries are used as battery packs to connect charging wires and adapters to achieve continuous functions when digital products are powerless.

The main advantage of uninterruptible power supply is its uninterrupted power supply capability. When the AC input of municipal power is normal, UPS rectifies AC to DC, and then inverts DC to stable AC without impurities, which is used for the later load. Once the AC input of city power is abnormal, such as under-voltage or power failure or abnormal frequency, UPS will turn on the energy-storage battery backupUps, and the rectifier circuit of UPS will turn off. Correspondingly, the DC current of the battery will be inverted into a stable AC without impurities, which will continue to be used for the later load. This is the origin of uninterrupted power supply capability of UPS.

Of course, the uninterrupted power supply time of UPS is not unlimited, which is limited by the storage energy of the battery itself. What if AC power failure occurs? So in the precious time of UPS battery power supply, what you need to do is to quickly restore AC, such as starting standby AC circuit, starting oil engine power generation. If there is no other solution, you can only urgently save the results of labor, and wait for AC to return to normal before continuing.