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How to Judge the Combination of Lifepo4 Battery Pack

How to Judge the Combination of Lifepo4 Battery Pack

Lifepo4 batteries are being used more and more widely because of their high safety, especially in combination power batteries. The lifepo4 battery pack manufacturers have seized its development potential and made relevant research. The parameters of lithium iron phosphate batteries are similar to those of other batteries, but four aspects should be paid special attention to: consistency, self-discharge rate, high rate and long life.

1. If there is a protective plate for the lithium battery pack with poor consistency, its capacity will be the lowest according to the bucket principle. This will cause the whole battery pack to not release enough electric energy because of one battery. Over time, the life of the battery pack will be shorter. If the battery pack does not have a protective plate, not only the capacity will be lost, but also the battery pack will have a short life. There may be safety problems such as  overheating and explosion.

2. Self-discharge rate. Because lithium iron phosphate batteries are often used in power batteries, the power consumption is high, which requires that the self-discharge rate of batteries should be less than 2% per month. To achieve this, the above-mentioned consistency requirements are indispensable.

3. Batteries that can withstand high rate charging and discharging have strong ability of fast charging and discharging. For lithium iron phosphate batteries, it is necessary to be able to charge and discharging quickly to meet the requirements of power lithium batteries.

4. Long life; as a general requirement, lithium iron phosphate has 85% capacity after 1000 discharges of 1C and 80% capacity after 3000 discharges. Of course, the standards set by each lifepo4 battery pack manufacturer are different because of the different technology level and materials.