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Maintenance Method of Electric Trike Batteries

Maintenance Method of Electric Trike Batteries

How to maintain the electric trike batteries correctly and how to guarantee the service life of battery?

I. Prevent over discharge

Excessive discharge and overcharge are actually things that many users will encounter. For example, sometimes they forget to charge, sometimes they forget to unplug the power supply, resulting in too long charging time or too long using time. This causes certain damage to the electric trike batteries. Industry insiders pointed out that overcharge will cause the active substances in the battery plate to fall off, shorten the life of the battery, and may also cause the electrolyte to dry up and heat out of control due to overcharge, eventually leading to the deformation of the battery shell.

Excessive use of electricity will lead to the reduction of battery capacity, and the long time will also reduce the battery life. So if you want to make your tricycle battery have a longer service life, it is certain to charge it correctly.

II. Prevent overcharging

In order to prevent the lack of electricity, many people basically charge the electric trike once a day. Is this good for electric trike? In fact, according to the experimental data, this is not a good way, because 80% of the tricycle batteries can not be used for a long time for this reason. On the one hand, the lead-acid battery can not be charged at any time, because the more charging times, the shorter the final service life. According to the normal charging time, the normal service life can be guaranteed. On the other hand, according to the battery principle of tricycle, it needs floating charge for two hours after being fully charged, which has a great effect on inhibiting the battery vulcanization. Frequent charging will lead to the weakening of this function, resulting in battery problems.

III. prevent misuse of different chargers

The batteries of different brands of electric electric trike can only have their own brand chargers, and the batteries can only use their matching chargers, which is not only good for batteries, but also good for electric trike. However, some people use other brands of chargers for convenience, which eventually leads to battery damage and reduced service life.

In addition to the above three points, there are many tips for maintenance of electric trike batteries. Most manufacturers will explain them when they sell them or explain them in the manual. Therefore, after purchasing the electric tricycle at the construction site or equipping the  electric tricycle with battery, it is necessary to see clearly, and don't make mistakes in operation due to lack of understanding, which will bring small troubles to yourself.

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