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Maintenance of E Bike Battery

Maintenance of E Bike Battery

Maintenance of e bike battery

The battery life and performance of qualified e bike battery depends on the use and maintenance of consumers to some extent after it is delivered from the factory.

(1) matching of charger and battery.

The e bike battery is charged, not used, so the importance of matching charger and battery can be seen. There are two situations: first, the new charger itself does not match the parameters provided by battery manufacturer. Second, the quality of the components of the charger itself is poor. When it was first used, it was still matched. With the cyclic use of charging and discharging by consumers, the charger itself drifted due to the temperature rise and the aging of components, resulting in the charging voltage and conversion current, and the battery was damaged.

(2) regular and timely power supply.

Consumers have a misunderstanding about the nominal cycle service life in the user manual. They think that the battery life will be reduced once when the battery is charged. Therefore, the battery power will be replenished every time when the battery power is consumed to 31.5v of the controller's protection voltage. However, this will not only protect the battery, but also shorten the battery life. Therefore, when possible, the battery should be powered up in time.

(3) it is strictly prohibited to continue to ride under the condition that the indicator light shows undervoltage. Some consumers ride in the middle of the road, after the indicator light shows the undervoltage condition, take a rest and ride again, which is very harmful to the battery. Serious over discharge will salt the battery or generate lead dendrites, short circuit the battery and affect its life.

(4) when the electric bicycle is just started, climbing or overloaded, it shall be assisted as much as possible.

(5) when riding in rainy days, try to avoid the switch and connector getting wet to prevent electric leakage.

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