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What Are the Precautions when Using Lithium Battery? How to Ensure the Safety of Lithium Battery?

What Are the Precautions when Using Lithium Battery? How to Ensure the Safety of Lithium Battery?

Lithium battery is one of the new energy products advocated by China thermal power. With its own advantages, "energy saving and environmental protection" has been widely used by consumers. In the work and use of lithium battery, if you don't pay attention to some matters, it will bring great losses to consumers. Next, I'd like to introduce the precautions when using lithium battery and how to ensure the safety of lithium battery.

What are the precautions when using lithium battery

1. The lithium battery can be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated room with an ambient temperature of - 5 ℃ - 35 ℃ and a relative humidity of no more than 75%. It should be kept away from corrosive substances and fire and heat sources. The battery capacity remains between 30% and 50% of the nominal capacity. The batteries recommended for storage are charged every 6 months;

2. Do not store the lithium battery at full charge for a long time. After long-time storage, it is easy to produce gas expansion, which will affect the discharge performance. The best storage voltage is about 3.8V for a single chip. Before use, the battery can be fully charged and reused, which can effectively avoid the gas expansion of the battery.

3. Lithium battery is different from nickel chromium and nickel hydrogen battery because it has a very bad "aging" characteristic, that is, after storage for a period of time, even if it is not recycled, part of its capacity will be permanently lost. Lithium battery should be fully charged and then stored, which can reduce capacity loss, and the "aging" speed is different under different temperature and different power status;

4. Due to the use characteristics of the lithium battery, the storage time of the lithium battery can not exceed 72 hours after it is fully charged with large current charging and discharging. It is recommended that the user fully charge the battery one day before the preparation for operation;

5. Unused batteries shall be stored in original packaging, away from metal objects. If the package is open, do not mix the batteries together. The unpacked battery is easy to mix with metal objects, resulting in short circuit, leakage, discharge, explosion, fire and personal injury. One way to prevent this is to store the battery in its original packaging

How to ensure the safety of lithium battery:

Generally speaking, the safety problems of lithium-ion battery are combustion and even explosion. The root of these problems lies in the thermal runaway inside the battery. In addition, some external factors, such as overcharge, fire source, extrusion, puncture, short circuit and other problems will also lead to safety problems.

1. There is a high reaction activity between the electrolyte and the positive and negative electrodes of the lithium battery, especially at high temperature. In order to improve the safety of the battery, improving the safety of the electrolyte is one of the more effective methods. By adding functional additives, using new lithium salt and practical solvent, the hidden danger of electrolyte can be effectively solved.

2. For the negative electrode material, because the surface of the material is often the part of lithium-ion battery that is most prone to thermochemical decomposition and exothermic, improving the thermal stability of SEI film is the key method to improve the safety of the negative electrode material.

3. The installation of battery safety valve, hot-melt fuse, series connection of components with positive temperature coefficient, use of hot sealing diaphragm, special protection circuit for loading, special battery management system, etc. are also means to enhance safety.

4. The lithium battery will release heat in operation, and it will self ignite and explode before it is released. It can be managed through the battery thermal management system. The thermal management system of new energy vehicles is a subsystem of the battery management system, which can make the battery cool when the temperature is too high, and preheat when the temperature is low, so as to better play the performance of the battery.

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