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How to Prolong the Service Life of Electric Bicycle Batteries?

How to Prolong the Service Life of Electric Bicycle Batteries?

The battery of electric bicycle can be said to be the most important. But many people don't care about it. They will complain that the battery of their electric car is not working well. The main reason is that improper maintenance skills lead to premature battery loss, and it is very important to choose a good battery. After the qualified batteries for electric bicycles are manufactured by the electric bicycle battery suppliers, the life and performance of the batteries depend to some extent on the use and maintenance of consumers.

(1) The installation of batteries on electric bicycles should be firm, so as to prevent the battery from being damaged by vibration while riding.

(2) Clean the dust and dirt on the battery box regularly, and keep the battery dry and clean so as to prevent the battery from discharging on its own.

(3) Batteries should not be close to high-temperature heat sources. In high temperature season, direct sunshine exposure is strictly prohibited (especially in summer car storage). Good ventilation should be paid attention to when charging.

(4) When the electric bicycle is just started, it should be started with pedal-assisted, so as not to damage the battery due to excessive discharge current; when riding, it should be noted that the battery should not be over-discharged, which can easily lead to serious battery power shortage, thus greatly shortening its service life.

(5) The excessive load of electric bicycle will inevitably lead to the increase of motor current. It causes overdischarge of batteries and early attenuation of batteries, which seriously affects the life of batteries.