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Some Maintenance Knowledge of Motorcycle Battery

Some Maintenance Knowledge of Motorcycle Battery

1. Check the state of battery before charging

Check whether the voltage of motorcycle battery is lower than the standard value. If possible, check whether the specific gravity of electrolyte is lower than 1.28 (20 ℃). To observe the inside of the battery, if one or several battery cells are corroded, the plate turns white, or there is material accumulation at the bottom, or the plate is warped, the battery should be replaced. If the battery terminal is dirty and corroded or oxidized, it can be cleaned by wire brush. If the cleaning is not clean, drop a little electrolyte to corrode the surface and dry it with clean water.

The charging method of battery directly affects the life of battery. When charging, the current should not be too large. It is recommended not to use fast charging. During charging, the plug of the unsealed battery shall be opened, and it shall be carried out in a place with good ventilation and far away from the fire to prevent accidents caused by hydrogen generated during charging.

2. Test method of motorcycle battery after charging

After the battery is charged, do not rush to test. Check it after 30 minutes. First check and correct the liquid level, and then measure its voltage with a multimeter.

It must be noted that the method of short-circuit ignition is not allowed to judge the current. A headlamp bulb with the same rated voltage as the battery can be used to connect with the battery and light up for 5 minutes to observe the light. If the light turns dark or goes out, it means that the battery is damaged and should be replaced.

In addition, the choice of charger is also very important. Charger has variable voltage (current) type, constant voltage type, constant current type, etc., it is better not to use self-made charger. It is better to use special charger for sealed maintenance free battery.

If the motorcycle battery is maintained by the above method, the service life of the battery can be extended to five or six years.

3. Maintenance methods of motorcycle battery

The electrolyte level of the battery in use shall be checked regularly to make it within the specified range. If the liquid level drops due to electrolyte splashing and pouring, a certain relative density of electrolyte shall be added.

If the liquid level drops due to evaporation of distilled water, add distilled water. Distilled water should be added to the battery in normal use, because sulfuric acid is almost not consumed.

The filling plug shall be covered in time after charging and filling, and the battery surface shall be kept clean to prevent sundries from entering the battery, causing short circuit between poles and self discharge. Pay attention to the maintenance of battery shell to avoid cracking. If electrolyte leakage is found, it shall be cleaned in time to prevent the surrounding parts from being corroded by acid. The conductivity of the positive and negative terminal is good, if there is oxidation or corrosion on the surface, it should be cleaned in time, and pay attention to anti-corrosion.

4. There are two ways to store the battery: wet storage and dry storage.

The wet storage method is suitable for temporarily unused batteries. The battery shall be fully charged during storage, and the vent hole shall be sealed and placed in a dark place indoors. Storage time should not exceed 6 months. Wet storage battery can only be used after charging.

5. Safe use of battery

A.use protective equipment when adding electrolyte to prevent electrolyte spilling or splashing on the skin.

B. the remaining electrolyte shall be placed in the container for safekeeping, and shall be neutralized with quicklime when scrapped.

C.the filling plug shall be opened before charging, because a large amount of gas shall be discharged from the battery during charging. In addition, the charging room should be well ventilated, and smoking should be strictly prohibited.

D.the waste battery shall be treated in time to prevent the electrolyte from flowing out and damaging the surrounding articles. Keep it away from kids.

E. when the electrolyte touches the skin, wash it with water immediately. If it splashes into people's eyes, wash it with water for 15min immediately.

F. if the electrolyte is ingested by mistake, drink water for several times immediately, and then mix the egg white and the emulsion of the egg; or drink a lot of water and lie to have a rest.

G. if the clothes are splashed with electrolyte, wash them with water immediately, and then neutralize them in weak alkaline solution.

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