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The Features of AGM Battery

The Features of AGM Battery

UPS AGM battery is an early invented and widely used battery. It is a kind of valve regulated sealed accumulator (also known as VRLA battery) with AGM, represented by some battery companies in Japan.

This kind of battery belongs to VRLA battery. Among them, another type of VRLA battery is gel battery. In the 1990s, the development of communications and electricity has led to the rapid development of UPS AGM battery, with a high market share, while GEL batteries are relatively low.

Characteristics of the AGM battery

AGM sealed lead batteries have less electrolyte, thicker pole plates and lower active substance utilization than open cell batteries, so the discharge capacity is about 10% lower than open cell batteries. Compared to today's colloidal sealed batteries, it has a smaller discharge capacity.

It is more expensive than batteries of the same size, but has the following advantages:

1. The circulating charging capacity is 3 times higher than that of lead-calcium batteries and has a longer service life.

2. It has higher capacity stability throughout its cycle life.

3. The low temperature performance is more reliable.

4. It can reduce the risk of accidents and reduce the risk of environmental contamination (due to the 100 percent containment of the acid).

5. The maintenance is simple and it reduces the deep discharge.