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What is OPZV Battery

What is OPZV Battery

The design of opzv battery manufacturers uses a colloidal electrolyte and tubular positive plates and has the advantage of both valve-controlled batteries (maintenance-free) and open batteries (float/cycle life). It is particularly suitable for back-up times of 1 to 20 hours.

Because they are not limited by the conditions of use or maintenance, the Opzv battery series is suitable for environments with large temperature differences and unstable power grids, or for renewable energy storage systems that are permanently energized.

Colloids are formed by silicon particles that are extremely small but have an enormous surface. When the silicon particles are dispersed in the electrolyte, a three-dimensional chain network is formed, simultaneously deriving a microporous system with a diameter from 0.1 mm to 1 mm. Trapped by a powerful capillary phenomenon, the electrolyte is locked into the microporous system. So even if the battery pack inadvertently ruptures, there will still be no electrolyte leakage.

A small number of microscopic pores are not filled by the electrolyte, thus creating voids that allow oxygen to pass through. Oxygen migrates from positive to negative electrodes and then compounds into water, thus eliminating the need for regular water refills.

The use of colloidal technology has revolutionized the idea of backup power, giving users more autonomy in different areas. Because the produced gas is almost negligible, the battery is allowed to be placed on a cabinet or rack, in an office, or even next to the equipment. This resulted in increased space utilization, reduced installation and maintenance costs. However, it must meet the safety and ventilation conditions of the State.

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