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What is the Gel Battery

What is the Gel Battery

Colloidal batteries are a developmental classification of lead-acid batteries. The simplest way is to add gelling agent to sulfuric acid to make it colloidal. Batteries with electro-hydraulic fluids in a colloidal state are often called colloidal batteries.

Broadly speaking, the difference between a colloidal battery and a conventional lead-acid battery is not just the electro-hydraulic in a gel state. Gel batteries are actually a very common type of battery, which works in both dry and thermal battery. Inside a dry cell, it exists as a solvent to slow down the rate of chemical reactions, so that the current is not quickly consumed. Inside a thermal cell, it is generally used to isolate the cell body and other components (heat insulation, light insulation, insulation).

Colloidal batteries are electrolytes with gel agents added to them. Common gel materials are: fumed silica, silicone solvents. In the past, sodium silicate was added, now mostly fumed silica is used as a gel agent.

Characteristics of colloidal batteries:

Low self-discharge

High recovery capacity after overdischarge

It is not easily vulcanized

A long service life

Gel Liner is between lead-acid and colloidal battery, which is not as durable as colloidal battery.

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