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What Problems Should We Pay Attention to when Choosing an E Bike?

What Problems Should We Pay Attention to when Choosing an E Bike?

Due to the limitation of battery technology, at present, electric bicycle has a problem of maximum driving mileage, usually 30 km to 50 km. Therefore, to buy an electric bicycle, you must have a clear purpose: as a means of transportation to and from work, do not require too much.

And the e bike battery specifications are different. According to the selected batteries, there are 24V12Ah, 24V14Ah, 36V12Ah and so on. Among them, the maximum driving mileage of 24V12Ah battery pack is 25 kilometers to 30 kilometers, which can meet the needs of users within 15 kilometers of daily commuting distance. Users over 15 kilometers should choose 24V14Ah battery pack and 36V12Ah battery pack.

As is known, the key to determine the quality of electric bicycle is the quality of motor, e bike battery specifications and quality of electric bicycle batteries. High quality motors are good for batteries because of their low wastage, high efficiency and long driving distance. As for batteries, they are almost the decisive factor for the quality of an electric bicycle.

Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are basically used in electric bicycles on the market, which have low price and excellent electrical performance. It has no memory effect and is easy to use. Its service life is basically 1 to 2 years. I can introduce to you the more reliable brand of automotive batteries is Dongjin lead-acid batteries, which can be used at ease. Electric bicycles use batteries in groups in series. Therefore, the battery must be selected strictly to ensure the consistency of each battery. Only in this way can the performance of the whole battery pack be guaranteed. Otherwise, the batteries with a slightly worse performance in the battery pack will quickly fail.