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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Installing UPS Battery Backup?

What Should Be Paid Attention to when Installing UPS Battery Backup?

UPS is called uninterruptible power supply. Because when the power is cut off, it can quickly switch to the "inverter" state, so that the computers in use will not lose important files because of the sudden power cut and future storage. It's not used as a backup power supply. If you just want to use the power when the power is cut off, just buy an inverter. In general, maintenance free lead-acid batteries are mostly used in domestic ups. UPS backup battery is a device used by UPS to store electric energy. It is made up of several batteries in series. Its capacity determines the time of maintaining discharge (power supply).

Battery is the most unreliable part of UPS system, but the design of UPS directly affects the reliability of battery. Keeping the ups battery in charge state (even if UPS is shut down) can prolong the battery life and avoid using UPS with high battery voltage. Some ups designs will make the battery produce ripple current, which will cause the battery to overheat unnecessarily. Most UPS use the same battery, but different UPS design will greatly affect the battery life.

Always observe the following when installing the ups battery backup:

Do not install ups battery backup near the sealed space or fire source, otherwise there is a risk of explosion and fire;

Do not cover ups battery backup with ethylene film which may cause static electricity, which may cause explosion sometimes when static electricity is generated;

Do not install ups battery backup in the place where water may enter, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock and fire;

Please do not install ups battery backup in the environment of - 40 ° C ~ 60 ° C;

Do not use the battery in the place with dust, otherwise it may cause short circuit of ups battery backup;

When the battery is put into the box for use, pay attention to the air circulation;

Do not press the upper cover with sticky or labeling objects, because there is an exhaust valve under the upper cover, the gas generated in the battery will not escape;

Number of parallel connection - when floating charging, the battery of plug-in terminal can only be connected with three columns at most. There is no special limit for bolt-on terminal, but the number of parallel connection is small and the reliability increases. In addition, when connecting in parallel, it is necessary to make the connection conductor and contact resistance between the columns equal. In order to keep the charge and discharge battery of each column balanced, please do not exceed three columns in actual use.

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