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What Should We Pay Attention to in the Daily Use of Electric Automotive Batteries?

What Should We Pay Attention to in the Daily Use of Electric Automotive Batteries?

In recent years, pure electric vehicles have quietly entered our lives and changed our way of life. Many people are also keen to buy electric cars. But electric vehicles are driven by motors. Compared with traditional vehicles, the main differences of electric vehicles are driving motors, speed control controllers, electric chargers and power batteries. And electric vehicles need ultra-fast charging stations and storage power. Therefore, the maintenance of vehicle parts, starting mode and so on is also very different from the traditional car. Electric vehicles have strict requirements for battery selection. If there are conditions, we must choose the top automotive battery manufacturers. Dongjin is a good choice.

Each time the battery is charged and discharged, the battery's ability to store electricity is reduced a little. For electric vehicles, when batteries on electric vehicles lose their storage capacity, maintenance costs may not be as simple as changing laptops and cell phone batteries. So, what should we pay attention to in the maintenance of electric vehicle batteries?

1. When should the car be charged?

When a car owner uses it, he can pay attention to the power consumption of the car, and then estimate when he should recharge the car and how often he should recharge it.

2. How long is the charging time appropriate? How should the charger be maintained?

In the process of charging, time is very important. Some owners do not care about the length of charging time, but over time, it will affect the battery life. The appropriate charging time depends on the actual remaining power of the car.

3. How should batteries be stored?

We should charge the battery once a month when it is in storage, and keep it away from power shortage. Of course, batteries should not be exposed to the sun. No batteries can be used. Otherwise, the plates will become old and the batteries will be useless.

4. Do you need to unplug the plug after charging?

Be sure to unplug the plug after charging. Some losers can buy a charging timer to remind themselves when to unplug and stop charging.