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Battery Maintenance Method of Electric Tricycle

Battery Maintenance Method of Electric Tricycle

Electric tricycle has become the best way for many people to pick up goods. The cost of electric trike batteries is high, which accounts for one third or more of the total price of electric tricycle. Because of its high power, heavy load, fast discharge and large battery capacity, electric tricycle battery is easier to break down than that of electric bicycle. Once the battery breaks down, it will cause a lot of headaches. So how can electric tricycle batteries be maintained more durable?

I. The charger should match it.

Choose the standard charger when buying a car as far as possible. Some manufacturers have batteries and chargers, which have been matched and tested by the electrical engineer of the manufacturer. Once the battery or charger breaks down, they can enjoy three packs of service in time.

II. Hold the Charging Time of Electric Vehicle Battery

1. After buying a new car or replacing batteries: the battery should have about 80% surplus electricity, and the new car should be charged when it comes home. The best time is to charge the charger for another 4 hours after changing the lamp.

2. Daily charging time: The electric vehicle should be charged in time after use, no matter how much it is used, it should be charged. But the charging time should not be too long. It is advisable to change the lamp one hour after the charger.

3. Don't overcharge the battery, otherwise the battery will be charged because of water shortage, bulging and swelling. It causes irreparable losses to batteries.

III. Learn how to use electric trike correctly

1. When it rains, it's better not to ride electric trike. If you do, you must pay attention to the measures of rainproof and moisture-proof. Because the three-wheel battery is placed under the seat box or the carriage, once the water enters, it is easy to cause short circuit.

2. When the electric vehicle starts, uphill and has a large load, don't screw the turning handle to the end. Because the instantaneous output power increases, the instantaneous discharge current of the battery increases, which is not conducive to the life of the battery.