Dongjin Group


1. Good Job, Good Product. Very good price with high-quality products.

2. Solve big problems such as tax and transportation with a factory in Paraguay. A company deserves trust. Good service during the whole business procedure.

3. Our staff has been well trained, even sales know about technology. Our company is very satisfied with high efficiency and we feel lucky to cooperate with Dongjin.

4. Dongjin with the full range of lead-acid batteries, very easy for us to find all the battery products we need. UPS and Telecom batteries are always of high quality. We have earned more business after cooperating with Dongjin. Thanks very much!

5. Compared with most other Chinese battery manufacturers, Dongjin Group can really supply us with reliable batteries for various applications. Reliable project solutions, professional training, and product maintenance are embraced well by Dongjin. Five Stars.
-Jim Booke