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Dongjin Battery has won the recognition and trust of customers with characteristics of good safety performance, high capacity, small size, lightweight, great longevity and high performance.
The variety applications of Dongjin industrial lead acid battery include automobiles, electric vehicles, ships, power systems, communication systems, fire safety systems, electronic power tools, emergency lights, and other fields.

Precautions for Using DONGJIN BATTERY

1. The battery charger must match the positive and negative poles of the battery pack's capacity and voltage, otherwise the battery or electric vehicle will be damaged;
2. When the electric vehicle is not in use, the battery must be fully charged before storage, and the battery must be recharged once a month after that to avoid the battery from being scrapped due to long-term storage of electricity and sulfation of the plates;
3. The battery capacity is affected by temperature. The battery capacity also decreases when the temperature drops, which is a normal phenomenon;
4. When the electric vehicle is just started or uphill, headwind, or overload, please use the pedal to help reduce the load of the motor and battery, which can extend the life of the motor and battery;
5. Please don't let the battery continue to work under the condition of under voltage, you should charge it in time, so that the service life of your battery will be longer;
6. The battery pack must be welded firmly, otherwise the battery will be easily burned;
7. The battery electrolyte is a corrosive solution. If it gets on your clothes or skin, please rinse immediately with water to avoid damage to your skin;
8. Please dispose of the discarded batteries in a professional recycling station. Non-professionals are strictly forbidden to open the battery cover without authorization to prevent danger.
Dongjin battery covers all range of lead acid battery on the market, our product catalogue consists of Network Power batteries, Motive Power Batteries and Starting Batteries by applications, VRLA AGM, GEL and Lithium Battery by Technology. Our brand KINFON is highly recognized in Israel and Afghanistan. With a strong marketing team and intimate service support in Bangladesh, our brand has developed rapidly with a market share of more than 90%. Dongjin has high capacity lead acid batteries for sale, contact us now.

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