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Gel Battery

Gel Battery

A gel battery (also known as a "gel cell") is a VRLA battery with a gelified electrolyte; the sulfuric acid is mixed with fumed silica, which makes the resulting mass gel-like and immobile. Gel batteries reduce the electrolyte evaporation, spillage, subsequent corrosion problems and boast greater resistance to shock and vibration.

Gel batteries are also referred to as "silicone batteries" . Dongjin gel battery has a good cycle and high-low temperature performance, good charge acceptance ability, can be used in high-low temperature environments, poor power conditions and pure cycle use solar energy, wind energy, and energy storage system, etc.  

Advantages of Gel Battery

  • Maintenance Free 
  • Leak-Proof Battery 
  • Rechargeable with a proper Battery Charger
  • Additional Safety Gear not Required
  • Easy Operation in Most Temperatures
  • Worry-Free, Heat and Shock Resistant