Dongjin Group


Dongjin AGM motorcycle battery is manufactured with the most advanced AGM valve control technology and high purity raw materials. The products have easy maintenance, low internal resistance, high energy ratio and excellent high current discharge performance, which are widely used in various motorcycle models at home and abroad.

The advance of Dongjin Motorcycle Battery:

  • High Capacity and long life.
  • High CCA and good starting performance.
  • Good charging acceptance and vibration resistant.
  • High-quality separators.
  • Advanced sulfate-resistant technology.
  • Low antimony alloy and low maintenance design.
  • Seal design with reliable plugs.
  • Long storage time
  • Full ranges models

The features of Dongjin Motorcycle Battery:

  • Lead-calcium grid alloy positive and negative plate with corrosion resistance and anti - water loss performance
  • High adsorption, high stability microporous AGM separator
  • High strength ABS case
  • Multiple layer pole terminal sealed technology
  • Tight assembly design
  • High quality vents to ensure long service life and safety