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Network Power

Network Power

Dongjin Network Power batteries such as Telecom, UPS and new energy storage batteries are widely used in communication networks, data centers, and Solar/wind power systems at all levels to provide a high guarantee for the normal operation of different networks. Our VRLA-AGM UPS Battery, GEL Deep Cycle Battery, High Temperature Battery, OPzS and OPzV batteries are used in UPS, Telecommunication, Solar Power, Wind Power and other projects all over the world including Middle East, South-East Asia, East Europe, North America, etc. Network Power is one of the most important energy nowadays. Dongjin group has been providing stable performance and high-quality batteries for network energy customers since 1993. With the advanced production equipment, design concepts and production procedures, we can ensure that our batteries meet customer needs in terms of service life, product performance and consistency. Our development team combines the market's demand with design optimization, precision component selection, and state-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce the most cost-effective battery solution for today's applications.

ALL Dongjin Batteries for Network Power

Advantages of Dongjin Network Power Batteries

2.Sealed and maintenance-free operation
3.High quality and high reliability
4.Exceptional deep discharge recovery
5.Low self-discharge 
6.Long service life
7.Solid copper terminals
8.Computer-aided design and manufacturing.


1.Alarm and security systems
2.Emergency lighting
3.Power tools
4.Portable cine and video lights
5.Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
6.Railway signal
7.Aircraft signal
8.Electronic apparatus and equipment
9.Communication power supply
10.DC power supply
11.Auto control systems
12.Solar power systems
13.Wind power systems