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Dongjin start batteries are mainly used in the ignition of the automobile, motorcycle, ship, etc.

An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle. Its main purpose is to feed the starter, which starts the engine. It also acts as a surge protector for the car's computer and provides power for short-term use of things like lights, stereo, GPS or wipers when the engine is off. Dongjin maintenance-free QW series are specially designed as the starting batteries for cars, with the advanced plate production technology of cast and strip. We also have the conventional flooded battery and MF motorcycle battery

ALL Dongjin Batteries for Start

The advance of Dongjin Start Battery:

Heavy-duty terminals
Premium absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology
Sealed, non-spillable design
Stable Quality & High Reliability
Environmentally friendly
Maintenance-Free Operation
Low Pressure Venting System
Heavy Duty Grid
Low Discharge
UL Component Recognition

The applications of Dongjin Start Battery:

3.Stereo Systems.
4.Boats .
6. On-board Electronics.