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Telecom Battery

Telecom Battery

Dongjin Group has been manufacturing and providing battery solutions to the telecom industry since 1993, gaining an excellent reputation for backup power and energy storage with quality and innovative solutions.

With the rise of smartphones and tablets in modern life, telecommunication companies are offering a growing variety of consumer and business services from cable and satellite TV to telephone and internet. More and more people are turning to telecommunications to stay connected with others. To prevent network outage caused by interruptions and failure in the power supply has become more important than ever.

Dongjin Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are the industry-proven power solution to a variety of telecommunications and electric utility applications, with high-quality telecom batteries for sale. Superior design principles have been applied across a wide capacity range to assure a combination of long life, solid discharge performance, and stability to almost any power need.

Advantages of Dongjin Battery for Telecom

1. Non-spillable
2. Sealed and maintenance-free operation
3. High quality and high reliability
4. Exceptional deep discharge recovery
5. Low self-discharge
6. Long service life
7. Solid copper terminals
8. Computer-aided design and manufacturing.