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Maintenance Methods for UPS Battery

Maintenance Methods for UPS Battery

Maintain an appropriate ambient temperature: generally speaking, it is the ambient temperature that greatly influences battery life.

Normally, the optimum ambient temperature required by ups battery china ups manufacturers is between 20 and 25°C. Although the increase in temperature increases the battery's ability to discharge, it comes at the cost of a much shorter battery life.

According to the test, once the ambient temperature exceeds 25 ℃, for every 10 ℃ increase, the life of the battery will be shortened by half. The current UPS batteries are generally maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries with a design life of 5 years, which is under the conditions required by battery manufacturers. The length of life varies greatly if it does not meet the specified environmental requirements.

Besides, an increase in ambient temperature will enhance the chemical activity inside the battery, which will generate a large amount of heat energy, while in turn, it will drive up the ambient temperature. This vicious cycle shortens the life of the battery more quickly.

Regular charging and discharging: the floating charging voltage and discharging voltage in UPS power supply have been adjusted to the rated value when they are delivered from the factory by ups battery china ups. However, the size of the discharge current increases with the load, so the load should be reasonably adjusted during use, such as controlling the number of electronic equipment like microcomputers.

Generally, the load should not exceed 60% of the rated load of ups. In this range, the discharge current of the battery will not be overdischarged.