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Maintenance of Motorcycle Battery Battery

Maintenance of Motorcycle Battery Battery

1. After the motorcycle battery leaves the factory, the active material of the plate will react with the external oxide at any time, resulting in the initial capacity of the motorcycle battery lower than the actual performance of the battery. If the battery can be recharged after the initial injection of liquid, the oxidized material can be transformed into the active material, so that the motorcycle battery can reach the best state.

Therefore, in order to excite the best state of the battery and extend the battery life, when the new battery is first started, it should be first charged (at least 30 minutes of initial charge) after 20 minutes of standing (standing can make the electrolyte fully react with the electrode) after adding the electrolyte. (although the static and initial charging need to wait, they can greatly extend the service life of motorcycle batteries.)

2. During the daily maintenance and charging of the battery, the special charger designated by the battery factory or motorcycle manufacturer must be used. The charging form of the special charger can be transformed actively (rehabilitation charging → mass charging → protection charging), which can prevent the damage to the battery caused by the excessive charging current and the long charging time, and play a decisive role in extending the life of the motorcycle battery.

3. Excessive discharge current of battery will affect battery life. Do not press the start switch button for more than 5 seconds each time you start the vehicle, and the time interval between the two presses is more than 10 seconds.

4. Over charging and over discharging of the battery will affect the life of the motorcycle battery.

5.If your motorcycle travels a short distance evenly every day, travels at a low speed for a long time or starts frequently, it is recommended to carry out spot check protection and power up for the motorcycle battery once a month. Even if your motorcycle travels a long and fast journey every day, it is recommended that you carry out spot check, protection and power up of motorcycle battery every three months.

6.If your vehicle is not used for a long time (placed for more than one month), please remove the motorcycle battery. After sufficient power, grease the positive and negative electrodes. Place them in a place that can prevent freezing and direct sunlight and away from the fire source. Charge the motorcycle battery before next use.

If the vehicle is placed for a long time, it is better to charge the motorcycle battery slowly once a month during the placing period. (if the motorcycle battery is not treated according to the requirements, it will lose power, the lead plate of the battery will rapidly age and decompose, the electrolyte of the motorcycle battery will evaporate, and the battery will be invalid after half a year. 

7. The professional battery tester can be used to check whether the motorcycle battery is completely invalid.