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Precautions for Motorcycle Battery Charging

Precautions for Motorcycle Battery Charging

1)Inspection and supplement of battery liquid level

The fluid level of the battery produced by the motorcycle battery manufacturer in China must be between the upper and lower limit, and never lower than the lower limit. When it is below the lower limit, replenish it timely. When replenishing, never refill with dilute sulfuric acid, otherwise, the battery will be damaged for the high electrolyte concentration. Moreover, it should not be filled with tap water, river water, and so on, as it contains plasmas such as calcium ion, magnesium ion, and impurities.

In charge, these substances will be adsorbed to the surface of the pole plate by ionization, which damages the battery. So pure water, distilled water, or the popular red battery in the market (actual use shows it works well) must be added.

The motorcycle battery fluid level should be checked regularly, usually checked and replenished once a month. In summer, the temperature is relatively high, so it is recommended to have a semi-monthly checkup. It should be noted that sealed maintenance-free batteries do not require level inspection and replenishment, and never open the seal cover.

2) Condition check before charging the battery

Check whether the motorcycle battery voltage is below the standard value. If possible, please test whether the specific gravity of the electrolyte is below 1.28 (20°C). Observe the inside of the battery and replace batteries when one or several battery units are corroded, the pole plate turns white, the material is accumulated at the bottom, or the pole plate is warped.

If the battery terminal is very dirty, or has been corroded or oxidized, it can be cleaned by a wire brush. If it cannot be cleaned,  use a small drop of the electrolyte to erode the surface and wipe it with pure water.

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