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1. 3D thick plates ----- long life,long corrosion life

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Traditional plate type
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3D type
*hold more AM       *More contact surface are
*triangle contraction-more stable  *thickness ↑20%+    *cycling ↑20-30%

2. High Sn Low Ca Alloy – High corrosion resistance

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3. Pancake plates design---increase cycling life 2X

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Pancake plates
Pancake plates design,eliminate stratification, decrease the uniformity, increase charge acceptance and cycle life.
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Vertical Plates
Vertical plates , stratification will get worse during operation, it will produce sulphation and leads to uniformity and low charge acceptance.

4. Hybrid Gel electrolyte – get better HT resistance

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  • Nano Gel electrolyte
  • More electrolyte – less sensitive for "dry out", higher heat dissipate efficiency from container
  • Nano silica particles easy dispersed into the separator – decrease the float current
  • Microcosmic colloidal stable network/structure ,decrease the electrolyte "stratification”
  • Thus increase the cycle life around 30%

5. Hybrid Gel Electrolyte – decrease stratification ,increase charge acceptance

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  • All LAB has Stra
  • Gel > Hybrid > AGM > Vented