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What Are the Types of New Energy Auto Batteries?

What Are the Types of New Energy Auto Batteries?

Implicitly, new energy has been integrated into all aspects of our lives. At present, the use of electric vehicles is more extensive, and electric vehicles are inseparable from battery storage, which provides power guarantee for all electrical systems on vehicles. The degree of electronic and computerized vehicles is becoming more and more powerful, and they rely heavily on storage batteries. Battery poor and power-deficient vehicles will have various failures. If it is serious, it will lead to paralysis of the whole vehicle. All of these require the attention of auto battery factory.

Introduction of New Energy Vehicle Batteries: Lead-acid Batteries and Triple Lithium Batteries

As a mature technology, lead-acid batteries are still the only batteries for electric vehicles that can be mass produced in auto battery factory because of their low cost and high discharge rate. However, the specific energy, specific power and energy density of lead-acid batteries are very low, so it is impossible for electric vehicles powered by lead-acid batteries to have good speed and endurance mileage.

Ternary lithium batteries are lithium batteries using lithium nickel cobalt manganese as cathode materials. Compared with lithium cobalt oxide batteries, they are safe, but the voltage is too low. The energy density is between lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium cobalt 18650 battery. The development trend of new energy automobile batteries in the future is suitable for the weather in the north, and the batteries will be more stable at low temperature.