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What Factors Affect the Life of UPS

What Factors Affect the Life of UPS

UPS is called an uninterrupted power system because it can quickly switch to an "inverted" state when power is out. So computers in use will not lose important files if not stored in time for a sudden power failure.

If you just want to use electricity in case of a power failure, an inverter is enough. In general, most domestic UPS are maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Ideally, to extend the life of the UPS battery, the battery should always be kept in a constant voltage charge state.

Even though UPS adopts the same battery technology, different batteries from UPS battery manufacturers in China have very different battery lives. This is important for users because of the high cost of replacing batteries (about 30% of the UPS selling price). It is very annoying that a battery failure reduces the reliability of the system.

Temperature effect

The temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of the battery. Detailed experimental data shows that the battery life will decrease by 10% when the temperature rises 5℃. So the ups should be designed to keep a proper battery temperature as possible. In operation, all on-line UPS and Backup/on-line composite UPS generate more heat than Backup UPS or on-line interactive UPS (so the former has to install a fan). This is a big reason for the relatively long battery replacement cycle of the Backup UPS or on-line interactive UPS.

Charging effect

Battery charger UPS is a very important part. The charging conditions of the battery have a significant impact on battery life. If the battery is kept on a constant voltage charge, the UPS battery life will be greatly improved. In fact, the battery lasts much longer in the charged state than in the purely stored state, because charging the battery slows down the natural aging process. So the UPS should keep the battery charged both in operation and in the stopped state.

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